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Your alarm clock rings. Today you have to hand in your History 101 assignment. You get up, go to class, and hand in your paper -- in your pajamas. Welcome to the world of online education. ... more
Eager for better academic options? An American online education can give you the career credentials and knowledge you need to get where you need to be.... more
Without the contributions of these innovators, online education might still be in its infancy.... more
What will you take away from your online education experience?... more
Maybe we remain unconvinced of the rigors of online education because doubt is trickling from the top down.... more
Online education offers fabulous, fantastic ways to show your family that you love them. ... more
Find out what great thinkers are saying about eLearning. ... more
With more higher-ups in higher education casting a positive vote, the tide may be turning in favor of the online format.... more
Wait! Online learning is good, but it could be better?! Find out how... ... more
Clinton... more
When the majority is punished because of the mistakes of the minority.... more
Distance education can prove a convenient educational option for many, including those in the military who often find themselves in remote destinations throughout the world. Follow one sergeant's story chronicling his commitment to his country and his own... more
New organization seeks to recognize and promote ethical marketing practices so that both students and the institutions can benefit.... more
The Atlanta, GA-based National High School offers a unique and flexible approach to earning a high school diploma using computer-based courses. ... more
Moms have found the perfect way to avoid "mommy brain" -- online education.... more
What the rotten apples of the online education world have taught us...... more
What does this epic trilogy have in common with online education? More than you think... more
College rankings, a hotly debated issue, are making their way to the online education arena, to the delight (and chagrin) of many.... more
The University of California (UC) system is testing the waters and considering its own commitment to online education. Predictions?... more
Online education has come a long way since the turn of the century. Take a look at your online degree hiring prospects here.... more
Are online students doomed to higher drop out rates?... more
Virginia is certainly for lovers -- of education, that is. Over the years, the state has become home to more than 2,000 colleges and universities, and thanks to online education you can have access to them whether you live in the next county or across the... more
Is iPad 2 the messiah of online education?... more
... more
... more
Online education offers convenience and flexibility to students. While many people are quite familiar with the concept of online learning at a college level, those who've heard about online high school diplomas are generally in the dark. ... more
Invest in online education to acquire the job skills that will have employers clamoring to put your name on the payroll. ... more
Penn Foster may be offering online education, but its president wants to meet face-to-face with students... on his bike!... more
Online degrees from New Mexico colleges and universities provide students with a wide array of choices, from education and business to criminal justice and technology. New Mexico colleges also offer various levels of education online from certificate prog... more
When you research online degrees from Arizona colleges, you'll find the education opportunities are a natural wonder in and of themselves.... more
When you research online degrees from Florida colleges, you'll find the education opportunities to be your very own dream come true.... more
When you earn online degrees from Colorado colleges, you'll receive a top-tier education--without being distracted by the beautiful view.... more
Online degrees from Iowa colleges enable you to enjoy the best education possible - without ever setting foot in the "Hawkeye State."... more
Online degrees from Alabama colleges and universities ensure a world-class education, even if you never call the state your "Sweet Home."... more
Online degrees from Connecticut colleges and universities ensure a top-notch education, especially if you can't afford to live in this wealthy state--yet.... more
Online degrees from Illinois colleges and universities ensure a top-notch education - even if you never get to spend time in the "Windy City."... more
Online degrees from Georgia colleges and universities ensure a top-notch education that will have you humming "Georgia On My Mind" before the day is done.... more
Sure you may not live in Tennessee, but by enrolling at a Tennessee online college you'll have access to all of the knowledge and education that this musical state has to offer.... more
The key to performing well on the GED test is practice, practice, practice. Whether you prefer to take a GED course at an adult education center near you, take practice tests online, or use a workbook and videos at home, you'll need to devote some time to... more
Incorporate these motivation builders into your education plan to set yourself up for online learning success. ... more
Find out how high schoolers perceive online learning, and what that might mean for the future of education...... more
It may not be Christmas yet, but there's never a wrong time to spread the spirit of giving - especially when it comes to the gift of high-quality, impactful education. That's what drives DonorsChoose.org, an online charity that makes it easy to help schoo... more
U.S. News' first-ever online degree rankings are out, but they're different...... more
No, "anytime, anywhere" is not one of them. But "Shaq did it!" is...... more
Why should online institutions be held to a higher standard than on-ground institutions?... more
Take it from the students themselves...... more
Home to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the country, the state of Wyoming is unparalleled in its beautiful landscapes and natural wonders. With nearly a dozen institutions of higher learning to its name, Wyoming aims to provide stude... more
Communities and connections can flourish online. Find out how.... more
Find out what the social media authority has to say about online ed.... more
Guess which "Glee" actress and singer is not letting her fame keep her from learning online...... more
Preventing cheating in the online classroom can be tricky.... more
... more
To the west of the state of Virginia, is the aptly named West Virginia where nature's beauty and outdoor activities like rock climbing and whitewater rafting reign supreme. Don't let West Virginia's natural roots fool you, though. This state is up to date... more
... more
If you've been paying attention to the sensational stories that typically make headlines -- like the recent media attack on Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009 and a student at San Diego Christian College -- you may not be aware of the less splashy, more... more
... more
... more
Online degrees from Maine colleges enable you to enjoy a large-scale education from a small-scale state, without ever braving a New England winter.... more
Before you can even begin selling property, you must obtain a real estate salesperson's license in your state.... more
Online degrees from Louisiana colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer - even if you miss Mardi Gras.... more
Online degrees from Arkansas colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer--even if you never get a chance to visit the "Land of Opportunity."... more
It takes drive, compassion, and the ability to truly listen to excel in this field. While many think that the special education profession is limited to elementary and secondary school teachers, special education workers also find jobs in all levels of ac... more
... more
Most students considering Christian colleges do so in order to integrate their faith with their education. Christian schools offer that opportunity and more. Check out these 12 facts about Christian colleges that may not be on your radar.... more
The Top 5 Election Issues College Students (Should) Care About... more
... more
Online degrees from California colleges and universities allow you to get a star-studded education from a distance--so you won't be distracted by all the real-life stars!... more
If you're seeking an alternative to the traditional high school experience, consider Insight Schools, which operates a network of nine accredited, diploma-granting, tuition-free public online high schools nationwide. ... more
We are a rankings- and ratings-obsessed nation. So it's no wonder everyone's clamoring to see online degree rankings... ... more
Online degrees from Idaho colleges enable you to enjoy the best the state has to offer - without ever setting foot in the "Spud State."... more
With online degrees from Kansas colleges and universities, you can truly say, "There's no place like home."... more
If you're looking for job security, good pay, and work you can really sink your teeth into, STEM careers are the way to go.... more
Check out a few financial tips from money-saving experts. ... more
Find an herbal college near you that offers the training you need to succeed. Learn about herbal college degree and certification programs, locations, financial aid, etc.... more
You can learn a lot more online than you'd think. ... more
... more
No matter what your career aspirations, online degrees from Ohio colleges and universities can get you there. For starters, Ohio is a booming center for the automotive industry, the birthplace of aviation, and is home to a hub of top-rated health care fac... more
Look for online degrees from Mississippi colleges and universities. As a true Southern state, Mississippi takes its name from the popular river that bears the same name. Online degrees from Mississippi colleges and universities can be quite rewarding and ... more
If you're thinking of researching online degrees from Oklahoma colleges and universities, you'll find there are numerous options to meet your educational goals. The "Sooner" state, like most of the nation, is embracing eLearning in order to provide flexib... more
... more
A major benefit of earning online degrees from Alaska colleges and universities: Alaska's capital city is inaccessible by land, meaning no roads connect Juneau to the rest of the North American highway system.... more
Educators can land teaching gigs without a master of education degree, but you'll need one to move to the next level. Master of education degrees are required for high school teachers in certain states and for nearly all education administration according... more
... more
Broaden your career horizons in a rewarding field with a degree in education, preparing you to teach K-12, special education or post-secondary school.... more
Wisconsin is home to 67 colleges and universities -- many of which offer a variety of campuses to choose from. For example, the University of Wisconsin System boasts 26 campuses while the Wisconsin Technical College System has 16 of its own. ... more
Today, if you're thinking of pursuing an online degrees from North Carolina colleges and universities, you have plenty of options to choose from as the state continues to be an innovator in education.... more
Online degrees from District of Columbia colleges enable you to enjoy the best the country has to offer -- from the White House to your house. ... more
For an education from a Midwestern state that is comprised of two different time zones, online degrees from Nebraska colleges and universities is a great place to look. Although it is a landlocked state, Nebraska is one of the states that has the most riv... more
It’s possible to make it through the holidays intact and to find a career that doesn’t make you want to drown yourself in eggnog. ... more
There's no typical online student, and that's why so many people are turning to distance learning for degrees.... more
Armed with top-notch organizational skills, an eye for detail, and a knack for preparing reports that cut straight to the chase, legal assistants help attorneys prepare for trials, stay updated on ongoing cases, collect documentation, and prepare legal co... more
No matter where you live, online learning can give you a chance at earning advanced degrees and/or certificates from Utah colleges and universities.... more
Take a look at some of the online degrees from Minnesota colleges and universities. From a state with one of the most highly educated and literate populations of people, you'll want to get in on some of that Minnesota education. There are a variety of pro... more
Online learning is more popular than ever, according to recent stats.... more
Explore online degrees from Delaware colleges and universities. As the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Delaware is a state with a long, rich history. Earn your degree from a school in this state and ensure your own rich hi... more
If you're considering online degrees from South Carolina colleges and universities, you've got many options. From career-boosting certificate programs to bachelor's, master's, advanced, and professional degrees, no matter your educational goals, you can p... more
Check out which college blogs make it into our "College Blog Honor Roll."... more
... more
Knowing when to e-mail or call your professor is crucial to being a successful online student.... more
Online degrees from Kentucky colleges and universities ensure a top-of-the-line education, even if you never enter the commonwealth.... more
Acupuncturists are in demand as more and more people look towards this ancient Chinese treatment, which is a great reason for you to consider an acupuncture degree.... more
How to find top-notch makeup training in your area...... more
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Many students are finding that regionally accredited online high schools offer an intriguing alternative to traditional high school. So which type of online high school is right for you?... more
This article is about the seven Montana state universities that are Tribal Colleges and Universities.... more
... more
BRENDA SONG, star of "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior" and "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," talks about her college dreams.... more
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While you don't have to commute to the Garden State if embarking on an online degree program, you may find it helpful to earn your online degree from New Jersey Colleges and Universities, since the state is quickly becoming one of the nation's top busines... more
Find hypnotist schools near you that offer the training you need to succeed. Learn about hypnotist degree and certification programs, locations, financial aid, etc.... more
The online poker tournament is becoming a popular way for financially-strapped students to earn some extra cash for college.... more
If you're committed to growing your business, set yourself apart from the competition with continuing nail education and attract well-known clients like Courtney Cox Arquette and Kirsten Dunst. Who knows? The next nail tech to the stars could be you.... more
Do you crave independence at your high school? Perhaps you feel that you're not being challenged to your fullest potential. If this is the case, you may want to look into public online high schools. It is here that some students can truly benefit from a d... more
... more
... more
Virtual High School of Excellence, a Florida-based online high school, is committed to supporting, challenging, and encouraging the abilities and efforts of each and every student.... more
... more
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Turn up the volume and tune in to the coolest college YouTube channels and viral videos.... more
Finding the right college for you is sort of like matchmaking in the dating world. College recruiting may confuse the process even further. So how do figure out your college compatibility?... more