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What is Membership?

Winning.Today is a for-profit company in the United States and for United States residences only who are at least 18 years old.

There is no FEE to be a member of Winning.Today. Never, ever a fee. And there never will be a FEE. NO FEE…….

Our purpose is simply to get as many like-minded members and use our organization to facilitate offers, deals, discounts and opportunities special for our members.

Our offers and opportunities range from jobs, consumer discounts, sweepstakes, giveaways, Samples, special income opportunities, Freebies, etc, etc

You tell us how to contact you and your interests and we will email, SMS Txt, call you or contact you thru social media when offers and opportunities hit our platform that’s right for you.. This service is always free to our members. The advertisers’ pays for the service.


We collect certain personal information from our visitors and members to process requests for the products and services we offer. Such information may include full name, email address and date of birth. To provide our users with a more personalized and relevant web service, we may also collect and use personal data to identify users' specific interests and needs and may, at times, use your personally identifiable information to exchange, link or combine it with third party data groups to help understand your needs and provide you with better and more relevant service.

To provide our users with a more personalized and relevant web service, we also collect and use personal data to identify users' specific interests and needs. If given permission, we may notify our users online or via email of offers and information we feel may be of interest to them available from our sites.

Users may unsubscribe from such offers by following on the “Unsubscribe” link on the bottom of all our pages.

We send entrants a confirmation e-mail when they register for our site or complete other transactions at our site. These confirmation e-mails are not promotional in nature and the user may not opt-out of receiving these transactional e-mails.

We collect your location based information for the purpose of locating a place that you may be searching for in your area or alerting you to a special event or product in your area. We will only share this information with our mapping provider for the sole purpose of providing you the service.

From time to time, we post customer testimonials on our website which may contain personal information such as the customer's name. We do obtain the customer's consent prior to posting these testimonials.

We collect personal data from our users mainly during the initial registration process for auto filling forms that you chose and order processing. Although some of the personal identifying information is necessary to deliver these services (e.g., an address is required to buy goods and services from pch.com), in some cases some of the information is optional. Users can determine to some extent what information they wish to submit.

We have implemented a number of security features. throughout our sites that are intended to prevent the unauthorized release of or access to the user information we collect online.